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North American Modular Bank Buildings designs and builds in accordance to your jurisdiction of the Uniform Building Code, which is the same stringent building code that is used for traditional commercial construction methods.

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Greensburg, Kansas

When a Level 5 tornado hit the town of Greensburg, Kansas in May of 2007, North American Buildings, a Wichita, KS company, delivered mobile bank buildings for Centera Bank and The Peoples Bank. Both banks were able to reopen in a few days. Each mobile bank was fully equipped with drive-up window and electric deal drawer, after-hour depository, head and chest, 3 inside teller stations with undercounter steel pedestals with locking cash drawers and office furniture.

Michael Stevens, chairman and CEO of Centera Bank was pleased when they opened their doors three blocks from the original site in a modular bank building.

The Peoples Bank reopened their doors within several days after delivery of mobile bank building provided by North American Buildings. The North American modular mobile bank was placed on the original site using their undamaged drive-through area.

Customer service is very important to North American Buildings. We were glad to assist the bankers in Greensburg, Kansas in a time of disaster. We are available to help whenever a temporary mobile bank or permanent bank building is needed, not just for Wichita, KS clients—we at North American Buildings also cater to clients based in other locations in the United States.

Bank and Credit Union Disaster Recovery Services

North American Modular Bank Buildings based in Wichita KS does not wish a disaster upon anyone. However if you are ever caught in this situation of need, we know how difficult it can be to retain business during this difficult time. North American Modular Bank Buildings has a Disaster Recovery program that will get your institution and your community operating within 72 hours of a disaster. We offer a disaster recovery program that will provide your financial institution with a fully-equipped temporary modular bank building or modular credit union building. This temporary modular bank facility will be equipped with CCTV, Alarm, Safe, Under Counter Steel, Deal Drawer, and Drive-Up Window. We can provide all the financial furniture necessary to begin taking deposits efficiently as possible. North American Modular Bank Buildings in Wichita KS has a Disaster Recovery Program that is available for a single location or at a discounted rate for multiple locations.

We have exclusively developed a Disaster Recovery Plan for high risk coastal zones. Please call 888-800-8866 or email us for details.

North American Modular Bank Buildings has partnered with a company that can provide annual disaster testing, VoIP telephone services, financial data transfer, personal computer stations, and IT support in accordance with the FDIC and NCUA. Please call for additional details on disaster recovery services.

Bank and Credit Union Disaster Recovery Specifications

Your temporary modular bank or modular credit union trailer will be equipped with the following:

  • 14 x 66 bank or credit union trailer
  • One drive-up window teller station with under counter steel w/locking cash tray
  • Two inside teller stations with under counter steel w/locking cash trays
  • Alarm system and CCTV
  • 3 x 5 drive-up window with bullet resistant glass and deal drawer (heater optional)
  • Night deposit and cash safe

Other Specifications

Minimum Temporary Bank Trailer and Mobile Credit Union Specifications:

  • Floor covering - commercial 30oz jute back carpet, vinyl in the restrooms
  • Interior wall - 1/2” vinyl covered sheetrock
  • Floor construction - 2"X8” joists per engineers specification, 3/4” tongue and groove plywood decking, per engineers specification
  • Exterior walls - 2"X4” at 16” on center, 3/8” wafer wood sheeting, glued and stapled
  • Insulation - R-11 floors, R-11 exterior walls, R-19 in the roof

We Have Exactly What You are Looking For…

Design Your Own Financial Facility

North American Bank Buildings will design your financial facility at NO COST - NO OBLIGATION; providing YOU a preliminary plot plan, floor plan, elevations, and 3D color rendering. Our services include

  • Interior space planning
  • Exterior designs
  • Land acquisition assistance
  • Site evaluation and layout
  • Firm, up-front building pricing
  • Site development price estimates
  • Financial equipment recommendations and pricing