Building For Your Success

About North American Buildings

North American Modular Bank Buildings (NAB) is the culmination of thousands of modular bank and modular credit union building projects.  NAB’s has over 150 years of combined professional modular bank building knowledge at your fingertips.

Modular Buildings are composed of standardized units or quick-setup sections for easy construction or flexible arrangement.

The NAB team has designed thousands of temporary modular bank buildings and temporary modular credit union buildings as well as many permanent modular bank and permanent modular credit union buildings throughout the United States.

Centrally Located In Wichita, KS

North American Modular Bank Buildings was incorporated in Wichita, Kansas, as a dealer and general contractor with a focus on new bank modular construction. Our professional bank and credit union construction management team has been collectively active in all phases of modular bank and credit union construction.

150+ Years Of Combined 2nd Generation Knowledge

North American Modular Bank Buildings’ extensive knowledge and experience in designing, estimating and managing has given us the opportunity to offer a blend of the latest modular bank and credit union building techniques and conventional construction.

To complement our depth in the bank and credit union construction industry, North American Modular Bank Buildings retains an architect and advanced engineering consultants to enhance our in-house specialists on all projects, creating huge savings in cost and time over site-built brick and mortar construction processes.

Have Questions? We have Answers. Contact Us.

Call us (316) 821-9590 or email us to have the NAB team create an individual and tailored package to accommodate your bank or credit credit unions growth objectives.

We remain flexible throughout the bank and credit union construction process.

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