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Bank & Credit Union Disaster Recovery Services

bank disaster recovery construction
bank disaster recovery construction

Bank & Credit Union Disaster Recovery Services

If you are ever caught in a situation of need, we know how difficult it can be to retain business during this difficult time. North American Modular Bank Buildings has a Disaster Recovery program that will have a temporary building delivered within 72 hours of a notification.

We offer a disaster recovery program that will provide your financial institution with a fully-equipped temporary modular bank building or modular credit union building.

All disaster recovery is handled in-house by the senior manager of disaster recover at no cost.

Disaster Recovery Cover Plan - It's Like Insurance, But Easier

For a small monthly fee, you can have your bank or financial institution covered under our Disaster Recovery Plan. The convenience, speed and cost of our Disaster Recovery Plans usually outweighs the inconvenience, cost and potential OCC regulation fines for a bank shut down due to flood, fire, tornado, hurricane or other disaster.

Should there ever be a disaster that brings the bank operation down, we will have a building built for you within 3 days.
Anywhere in the U.S.A.

This temporary modular bank facility will be equipped with..

  • Safe
  • Under Counter Steel
  • Deal Drawer
  • Drive-Up Window

We can provide all the financial furniture necessary to begin taking deposits efficiently as possible.

North American Modular Bank Buildings in Wichita KS has a Disaster Recovery Program that is available for a single location or at a discounted rate for multiple locations.

USA’s Largest Fleet Of Temporary Modular Bank Buildings

North American Buildings has the largest fleet of temporary modular bank buildings in the United States. They range in size from 40 to 5000 square feet. We can also retrofit a modular building to accommodate your custom floor plan and financial equipment needs. We at North American Buildings stage our temporary modular bank buildings and temporary modular credit union buildings throughout the United States, not just in Wichita KS. This staging process allows us to keep transportation, installation, and removal costs low.

Bank & Credit Union Disaster Recovery Specifications

Your temporary modular bank or modular credit union trailer will be equipped with the following:
  • 14 x 66 bank or credit union trailer
  • One drive-up window teller station with under counter steel w/locking cash tray
  • Two inside teller stations with under counter steel w/locking cash trays
  • 3 x 5 drive-up window with bullet resistant glass and deal drawer (heater optional)
  • Night deposit and cash safe

High Risk Bank Buildings In Coastal Zones

We have exclusively developed a Disaster Recovery Plan for high risk coastal zones. Please call (316) 821-9590 or email us for details. North American Modular Bank Buildings has partnered with a company that can provide..
  • Annual disaster testing
  • VoIP telephone services
  • Financial data transfer
  • Personal computer stations
  • IT support in accordance with the FDIC and NCUA
Please call for additional details on disaster recovery services.

Did you Know?

Factory built modules can be joined end-to-end, side-by-side or stacked creating unlimited modular construction design options for your bank or credit union. North American Buildings can build up to three stories anywhere in the United States.
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