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Emergency Medical Clinics

Kansas Emergency Medical Clinic Delivery or Construction

North American Buildings retains an architect and engineering consultants to enhance our in-house specialists on all projects, creating huge savings in cost and time over site-built brick and mortar construction processes for Emergency Medical Clinics in Kansas. We are North American Buildings, Inc. and a major portion of our business since 1973 has been in modular buildings. We do both ground up custom, exact, high end completed buildings and we also maintain a fleet of temporary buildings.  Mostly temporary bank buildings but also temporary classroom buildings.  We also have various other buildings in our “fleet” of over 80 buildings nationwide.In the category of “available immediately” as in already built we have come up with many options.
Mostly based around converting classroom buildings to “hospital bed” rooms.  The classroom buildings are as close to “blank slates” or “vanilla box” as we can get our hands on.

We have craftsman, architects, drafting team and project management divisions all on hand to help coordinate and make this happen if needed.

We have many people asking for pricing on these and we are quickly working up some scenarios.

We can quote “as is” raw pricing, but each project may be slightly different.

Some of these are not broken down ready for transport.  They are located in various locations throughout the Midwest and Texas and ready for immediate delivery.

We have included a converted 2 classroom temporary school building with restrooms into a 8 bed facility (or at least a general idea for one).  We have 8 classroom buildings, 16 classroom buildings and many in between.

When you look at the attached floor plans, envision what simple construction actions (adding restrooms, walls, etc.) would make this work for you.  We can work diligently with some feedback on your needs and create options for you and your staff.

Delivered, Up & Running In Just 3 Days

We’ll have a fully functional, neatly designed medical clinic designed and stationed and ready to take on new patients in the facility with 1-3 days time, usually, it depends on demand.

Emergency Medical Clinics Built To Code

We design our emergency medical clinics to Kansas code, taking into consideration the following…

  1. Environment
  2. Occupancy
  3. Safety
  4. Security
  5. Patient Movement
  6. Lighting
  7. Ventilation
  8. Sanitation, Waste Disposal & Water Supply
  9. Fire Protection
  10. Parking & Signage
  11. Zoning

Call us (316) 821-9590 or email us to have North American Buildings create an individual and tailored package to accommodate your growth objectives.

We remain flexible throughout the construction process.

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